Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

My Notes For My Beloved GrandMom

You're a gift from the owner of Love
All my life with you is like living in His Jannah
String word into prayer
Smile becomes a piece of solace
Beloved of encouragement
Light amplifier soul
Grandma ... now your pain has gone
Trials and pain in your life has ended
We Leave You in Him God the Merciful
May the happiness that always greet you now
Although your body can no longer touch us and your soul has returned to the owner of the Soul
But that smile, that laughter, advice, love and prayer and your spirit will always live in our hearts your grandchildren
Beloved grandmother farewell .....
Thank you for the sincerity of your affection endless
Hopefully you put him in Jannah with the beloved of Allah ...
“Ya ayyuhan nafsum mutmainah irji illaa robbiki rodiyatam mardiyyah fadhkulli fii ibadiii wadkhulliii jannatatii ”

"O soul who quietly go back to your Lord with feeling pleased and satisfied. Then you go down among My servants, and enter my paradise "amen ... amen .. ya Robbal alamin
Greetings dear Always Our prayers with you 

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